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"My loyalty is to the inner vision, whenever and however it may arrive "

- Mary Oliver, Of Power and Time

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Learn more about my writing, art and offerings.


I am a maker: a poet, writer and visual artist. I use an interplay of image and words to wrestle and rest with the complex wonder of embodiment.

I am a listener: I seek to listen to the space between words spoken and penned, to the sunlight between leaves.

My exploration takes me to edge spaces. It is engaging to join in the living exchange between several fields.​ I have an MA in Theopoetics and Writing from Bethany Theological Seminary.  I have training in Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy; and Permaculture and Traditional Food Ways/Nutritional Therapy. I completed undergraduate study at Goshen College in Women’s Studies, Writing, and Art. 


I am on the writing team of World in Prayer and am a devotional writer for Rejoice!. In the Spring of 2023 I will be teaching a Theopoetic Poetry course in the Theopoetics MA Program at Bethany Theological Seminary. I have been awarded the honor of Visiting Writer for the Jean and Louis Janzen Writers Series at Fresno Pacific University in January of 2022. 

I have had writing published in Geez Magazine, Kingsview & Co, The Crucible, CommonWord, Center for Mennonite Writing, Rock!Paper!Scissors! and

It is not hyperbole to say that poetry and the poetic have saved my life. My poetry and art are my medicine offering for return to one’s true self as Beloved, return to the body and Earth body, return to interconnected kinship with all created beings. 

I have many places I have called home and am delighted and relieved to be planting myself in Maine.

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