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The Moon is Always Whole

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"This is a marvelous book of grace, praise, wonder and joy. This is a rare talent in tune with the world." 

- Lee Herrick, Author, Scar and Flower and Gardening Secrets of the Dead

Through lyric images, The Moon is Always Whole, invites readers into the body's rhythms of creation, love and loss—affirming that even as we only see in part, "the moon is always whole" within and beyond chronic illness, ancestral trauma, silencing and betrayal. 


My first full length poetry collection has been published through Cascadia Press as part of the DreamSeekers poetry imprint.  

- A signed copy directly from me here

- From Cascadia here

- Online at,, Better World Books

and other Internet retailers

"Julia Baker Swann's evocative poems invite us to dance with the elements of earth and the universe, to celebrate our complicated layers and our burning core, and to enter with her into the illuminations of both intimacy and vastness, poems that offer 'this miraculous carried by bodies' that call us to 'hold fast to the circle within.' 

- Jean Janzen, Author, What the Bodies Know

Baker Swann shows us 'all no labeled God is part of God' this poem, her laugh, that woodpecker, those tears, the fiddle hum.' This is a theopoetics of  that awakens us to the wonder of both word and world."

- Scott Holland, Slabaugh Professor of Theology & Culture at Bethany Theological Seminary


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