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Walking Images and Words Across Faith

(Following the Scripture selections of Lectionary Year C and A)


Each week from Easter Sunday 2022 to Easter Sunday 2023, Julia and Thomas will come together in a reflective spirit of words and images to speak to what they hear in the selected scripture.  As a theopoetic ministry they offer forth a painting, a poem and a musing for consideration for individuals,  a group whether it be a church, a spiritual group or a collection of searching friends.


We ask if you can that you contribute a little over a dollar a week totaling $60 for a years subscription. For groups wanting to use the collection for a bulletin or newsletter  please provide an additional $100.  This supports our time and Julia’s art supplies. This year’s visual offerings will be painted with natural pigment. This quest of bringing this weekly meditation to you is one of our gifts to the troubled world. To aid in the spreading of this ministry we will accept any donation or a simple request for a free subscription.

We want to spread this Theopoetic alternative view upon matters of the spirit. We want and need you, if this effort resonates, to help us spread our work. Please pass it on and share it through whatever ways you normally pass along good opportunities.

If you are able to pay the full amount we will also send a weekly meditation to another person as your gift. 

Go to our shop here to purchase a subscription. When you check out please "add note" to include the email address of the person you would like to gift a subscription. If you are wanting us to a gift a subscription to you email us at: If you want to make a donation you can send us a check to: Julia Baker-Swann PO Box 253 Strong, ME or email us with the amount you would like to give and we will send you a PayPal invoice. 

Please help us spread this humble effort to make a difference. We are grateful.

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