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What wants to be created?

Do you have a empty living room or office wall that is begging for beauty?

Are you part of a company or group that needs a new logo?

Are you leading a worship service or ritual

and desiring an individualized  poem or painting?

Do you need an image for a wedding invitation, baby shower or party?

Are you hosting a retreat or gathering and would like a commissioned

art piece/and or poem reflecting your theme?

Does your church want artwork (banner, bulletin cover etc.)

for a worship series?

Do you want an art piece or poem written to honor a person

or event in your life?

The possibilities for creation are endless.

I would be honored to listen with you about what wants to be created. Then allow words and image to flow. I will engage in open conversation through each stage of the creative process.

I charge $30 a hour. However, please don't let cost be prohibitive I am willing to work with you to get both our needs met.

See my Painting Collections page

to get a sense of some of the work I have done.


I will be in touch with you soon. Thanks for connecting.

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