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Creative Listening - Shall we Be Curious together?


Creativity is curiosity. 

Creativity is not just painting or drawing. There are not creative people and non-creative people. If you are alive, you are a creative person. We are all makers whether that be with tangible things like quilting fabric and weaving willow baskets, crafting a delicious meal, or putting together a beautiful outfit OR the intangible weaving of a conversation, creating internal and external space to listen to another and the creative space of sitting with the unknown.

Many of us yearn to feel the creative flow in our lives. It would be an honor to sit with you and be with curious with whatever page you are facing; to listen with you around what blocks might be in the way for creative-flow in your life and listen together what is inviting you.

Curiosity and Creativity are about Permission.

“To be an artist is not about technique but rather a distinctive way of experiencing life moment by moment.

                                                                - Rainer Maria Rilke


- package of 3 one-on-one hour long conversations - $100

after our conversation I will create

a 5 by 7 original art piece

and a poem arising from our shared musings

- hour-long, one-time or reoccurring conversation - $30


- 30-minute one-time or reoccurring conversation - $15


- hour-long conversation followed  

poetry/art element

5 by 7 piece and poem - $50


This is not Therapy. These are simply conversations, listening together. I Assume no Responsibility

for Services beyond what is stated here.

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