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Stone Flow Studio

We trace circles on our skin

writing the language of time—


past present future

in one fluid motion.

Again and again

we choose 

what has chosen us


already knowing the full circle.


How our bones will rot

becoming the sycamore roots

on which we are cradled—

yet unborn.

I wander  trails made by person or deer in the same way that I sit in front of a blank page. No destination or agenda in hand. I wait and walk until nudged to stop. I may have heard a word or line for my red notebook and may plop where I am and write for a long time. I follow words like I follow trails, letting metaphor, memory, sensation and image guide where the poem might want to go. Sometimes I just write that heard word, sitting with it until the birds who vanished with alarmed call at my sight return to song. Other times my invitation to stop is a call from stone, sticks, flower or leaf. I gather theses living ones, like I gather metaphor or image, carrying them with me until a page of earth reveals itself as the place to follow the pattern into form.  

more information about ordering art prints and classes coming in 2022

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