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When I speak of poetry, I mean more than the careful arrangements of language on a page. Rather, I mean the authentic life of expression that rises from us when touch into the depth of life."

- Mark Nepo, Drinking from the River of Light

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Invite me to your community or event to present a Theopoetic Sermon, poetic worship leading, class, workshop or retreat.

Here is an example of recent a sermon. Here is a podcast where I was interviewed about Theopoetics. 

Poetry Reading

One of my favorite things is speaking my poetry to others. I would love to put together a poetry reading for your community, small group of friends, Sunday school class, children's event, or just you. Readings centered on a theme or poet's choice. Virtual or local to Maine.

Creative Consultation

I would love to be a conversation partner; listening with you around what you are excited to create. Exploring the practical and emotional blocks to creative flow and what resources (inner and outer) you have and next steps to take. 

I will sit you as I reach into my toolkit of study in Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy, Theopoetics and the contemplative way.


Commission an art piece or poem.

        Writing Group

A Circle of Words is a monthly writing group for contemplative, exploration and sharing.

Receive a monthly email with a recorded reflection, poem and writing prompts each New Moon. Optional sharing space in a live zoom call the Saturday closest to the Full Moon of each month. 

Find more information here.

Walking Images and Words Across Faith

A Theopoetic, collaborative walk through the weekly Lectionary. Stay tuned for a new season coming soon.

If anything here sparks curiosity in you please connect with me. 

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