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Poet Healer

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I am one who is healed through poetry.

I believe poetry to be a powerful force of healing.

I believe in a Poet God.

Poetry is my medicine-offering of healing for others.

I am a Poet Healer.

Subscription Options:

$0/Mo: Weekly “Postcard” arriving on Sundays 


$5/Mo or $60 a year: Along with the weekly Postcard receive a monthly Letter —a longer reflection piece, poem and guided prompts. 


$100/year Founding Member: everything above and a thank you gift invitation to a quarterly virtual poetry-reading. Founding members allow me to gift scholarship subscriptions.

From desire to share regular writing off the scroll of social media and to support the work I love, I have begun a free weekly newsletter on Substack--a platform for writers to share newsletters and be supported in their creative work. 


By subscribing to Poet Healer you will receive a free soulful offering each Sunday in your inbox. These "Postcards," a bit size piece to savor, will take the form of a poetic musing, lyric essay, poems, lists, questions and wonderings in conversation with an image whether one painted in my art studio, created on the forest floor or a photograph of a sunset through the birch woods.

As a paid subscriber to Poet Healer, in addition to the weekly Postcard, you will receive a monthly Letter. This letter will be a fuller reflection, a medicine kit of sorts, with an audio or video recording of me reading a poem of mine and offering some words of invitation and a prompts guide in conversation with that poem.

Find more information and subscription options here on the Substack site.

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