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"Being in A Circle of Words and having Julia’s poems to respond to was a true gift to this veteran journal keeper.  These writings became markers and signposts of the past year." - Libby Caes

"The poetry circle for me has been like the full moon: subtle light, gentle orientation to the inner and outer landscape" - Lynn Marie

                   A Circle of Words

                       a poem by Michelle Berry Lane




both empty and full:

wax, shine, wane, retreat

not always in that order

but always in wholeness

open to every shape

generously greet




in plenty of space:

tend, tailor,

open, hold






each poem two times:

once to make a new path 

twice to be held 

within each heart’s 

warm palm 

and still whole




share our words: 

our presence, our silence, 

our voices, tendencies

stories, a luscious glimpse, 

quiet wisdom, loss, grief,

wonder, attentive walk,

gift of a prayer

as life and poem




make space:

wholly ourselves

present, blessing 

and blessed

During 2022 on the new moon of each month you will receive a video recording of me reading one of my poems, accompanied by a brief reflection on the poem and several writing prompts.


On the Saturday closest to the full moon we will gather together (via zoom for approximately one hour 4pm PT/ 7pm ET) for the opportunity to share what you have written (optional) with the circle of other participants. A space to simply and profoundly hear each other and honor each other's words. There is an online forum for sharing writing if you prefer to share that way.


This is a group not only for those that name themselves as writers. This is for anyone who is curious about what waits within them and who feels the stirrings and yearning to follow it onto the page. This is space for writing in whatever expression wants to emerge, fiction, prose, poetry, jottings and doodles on a napkin. All are welcome with anything they have to share.

Through the year we will engage what it means to compose not just on the page with words but what it means too compose a life. Asking, what does poetry and writing teach us about living well? Exploring themes of: coming to the desk and self, voice, body, home/place, naming, truth telling, grief, rest, connection, both/and, conversation and unity. 


When I facilitate writing groups I usually place a donation basket on the table, allowing people to pay as they can/are led. This is harder to do virtually, but I want to embody the same spirit. To that end I have several payment plans:


1) The suggested cost is $8 a month - $96 for the year.

2) You can also sign up for 3-months at a time for $30 

3) Gift-economy - Pay what you can. What is the value of this for you? Pay below or above the suggested price. Contact me to directly pay the desired amount through PayPal or check. 

If you want to sign-up and money is a hinderance contact me. I don’t want cost to be prohibitive.

If you sign-up a first recording will arrive to you via email on the next new moon. 

"Julia's Full Moon Writing Circle was a bright spot in each month this past year! She set a beautiful, open tone from the very first gathering that deepened throughout the year as we came to know one another through our words. Each piece brought to the circle was tenderly held aloft in silence and as our friendship grew we added our voices to celebrate each offering. In busy times, this writing group was a welcome reprieve and a spark to kindle my own poetry when I might have neglected that necessary part of me." - Michelle Berry Lane

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