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I pray through the flow of colors blending.


I pray by words touching other words in a line of poetry.


In the spaces between each word, between the colors is a gentleness.


Over and over through the challenges of 2020 I have heard the invitation be gentle.

A gentleness towards myself, toward others, toward the work, towards each breath and step.

There is so much—fertile and horrid—that is asking for our attention.

I am reminded daily that resting with the beautiful, the gentle is what opens up space for attention. 

Attention which is prayer. 


In the late afternoons I have found myself drawn to my painting desk. 

After a day of the richness of writing, classes, the daily details of living,

of hearing the latest news the flow and wash of watercolors seems to hold whatever the day has held.

To hold and release any constriction into the swirling energy of Divine Love.

I recently learned that Theos, the word for God like in the word Theology, means flow. I love this. 


The God-energy is flowing and we are all connected in this stream, sometimes of course this is easy to forget. I offer to share these prayers. They help us remember our interconnectedness, to help us remember beauty and the gentleness of Flow.


I will daily paint my prayers—washes of color on a 5x7 card. 

On the back I will include a word or line of poetry that rises. 

These cards could be re-used as a postcard, framed and hung,

be a focal point for your own prayer time...

  • Option 1- Monthly set of 4 cards for three months - Nov, Dec, Jan - $40

  • Option 2- A one time pack

    • 6 - $ 18

    • 12 - $ 35

    • 24 - $ 60

  • Option 3 - Send to someone else 

    • Monthly subscription

    • A pack (indicate number)

    • One time card 

Warm Words

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 3.04.57 PM.png

"Although ‘gleanings” is an Old English word for collecting or harvesting, “GLEANINGS” is a ’nouveau art’ of conveying and collecting treasurable bits.  It is nostalgic to me in the that my aggie/school periodical is named GLEANINGS. GLEANINGS is a delightful ’nouveau riche’  cornucopia of contemporary art and poetry that will immeasurably relax and stir your emotions."

- Al Jablonski, Ohio


"When I see the brown envelope with the words "open slowly and savor" come in my stack of mail, I look forward to opening it! Julia's words in poetry and the art that accompanies gives me a moment to pause and be reminded of the beauty in life. As someone who has not always been poetry fan, Julia's poems began to change that for me. She writes in a way that opens up new ways of seeing both the inner and outer world. I highly recommend her art and poetry, both to share with friends in the form of her painted cards or simply take a moment to savor her words."

- Christie Dahlin, Seattle, WA
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