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I love poetry. The worlds that are expanded by words on a page is one of my favorite places to be. And I yet I also resonate deeply with the poet Rumi who wrote, "I am less interested in language and more so the Source from which it comes." 


I am interested in what the reading and writing

of poetry can teach us about living well. What is it to live a poetic life?

I seek to explore this in my own poetry (see poetry page) in my retreats and Theopoetic sermons and worship leading (see Church resources page).





  • Living the Poetry of Life: What Can Poetry Teach Us About Living Well

  • Writing the Body: Poetry as Embodied Practice

  • Lectio Poetica: Reading Poetry with the Spiritual Practice of Lectio Divina

  • Writing Oneself Home: Poetry and Internal Family Systems

  • Writing the Earth Body

  • "Painting is Silent Poetry, Poetry is Painting that Speaks": Poetry and Watercolor

If you have curiosity about any of these retreats (or something you don't see) please be in touch. I have longer descriptions for each retreat and am happy to explore more together. **I can modify these offerings for any age, population, setting. I have experience working with children, adults, and teens in after school programs, church and school settings.

Poetry Reading- Reading my poems is one of my favorite activities. Please contact me to book a reading.

Living Poetically:  Retreats, Teaching

and Poetry Readings

“You are living in a poem.When you’re in a very quiet place, when you’re remembering, when you’re savoring an image, when you’re allowing your mind calmly to leap from one thought to another, that’s a poem. That’s what a poem does.”

- Naomi Shiba Nye

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